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by | Jun 25, 2024 | General

© Corkeen by Amorim

While the world needs greener spaces and healthier environments, most children’s playgrounds only partially answer these requirements. Surface materials need to be weatherproof and durable while at the same time eco-friendly, easy to maintain and provide cushioning against impact.

© Corkeen by Amorim

A new game changing playground surface called ’Corkeen’ has now been introduced which is entirely free of toxins and chemicals, designed with children’s safety as the priority and offering state-of-the-art technical performance.

© Corkeen by Amorim

‘Corkeen’ – a registered trade mark of the leading cork producer Amorim is designed to meet the latest European regulations for Play and Recreational Spaces in compliance with safety standards (EN1176 and EN1177) and legislation currently in force.

“It is now possible to have a cushioning surface that is safe and comfortable, as well as permeable, low maintenance, predominantly natural and reusable at the end of life…” says Vasco Costa Simões, Director & landscape architect at FL Gaspar ( and Portuguese Member of the European Technical Committee for standardization of playground equipment and surfacing, sports equipment and facilities and swimming pools.

© Corkeen by Amorim

As the product comes in a bound form, fall protection is permanent. It does not move, get blown away and can remain in place year after year. With its two layer system, Corkeen has a built in wear-resistant top layer and shock absorbent base layer.

© Corkeen by Amorim

Unlike playgrounds with loose-fill surfaces such as sand, bark and wood chips, ‘Corkeen’ is fully accessible, even with a wheelchair or other mobility aids.

The system has excellent drainage capacity too. Even after rainfall children can play again!

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