Planet Cork

An educational website for primary school teachers and children, with lots of useful information about one of nature’s most beneficial and widely utilised trees.

Eden Project

The Eden Project is a charitable and social enterprise, researching into plants and conservation, and creating dynamic eco-friendly learning experiences for students.


A doorway to finding out more about the World of Cork. APCOR is the employers’ association of the cork sector that represents, promotes, divulges and carries out research in the Portuguese cork industry.

Corticeira Amorim

The world’s biggest cork processing group.

Birding in Portugal

A website for the many birds that inhabit cork forests.

RSPB: Cork

Section dedicated to cork on the RSPB website.


A membership organisation dedicated to principles of sustainability and to provide value to nature and endogenous resources.

BBC Future

As the world clamours to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in an effort to slow climate change, the cork oak tree is standing tall. Cork oaks are one of the few commercial forests not felled for harvesting. This means the cork tree’s carbon storage capacity keeps increasing during the 200 or more years the trees can live.

BBC Reel – Cork: Is this nature’s most versatile material?

As well as being a superb wine stopper, cork is a unique and versatile material. Cork was used by ancient civilisations for millennia, and we are now rediscovering its incredible properties.

“The Corkologist” – an award winning film from APCOR

This exciting and orginal video features “Sarah Oakson”, a character inspired by the cork oak tree. The video portrays the distinct qualities of cork as a material, exploring its diverse applications, and highlighting its significance as a natural, renewable material that helps to remove CO₂ and sustain our environment.