Modern Cork Interior Designs #2

by | Jun 15, 2023 | General

The “Primecork” range (above) from The Wood Veneer Hub – – provides a ‘classic look’ to the interior walls of any space, giving a warm, comforting texture compatible with any interior style, from the ultra-modern to the very traditional. Truly timeless:

From the Muratto “Brick Natural” 3D Pattern Luxury Cork Wall Panels are inspired by the natural, unrefined features of traditional brick, the cork bricks offer a softer texture and warmer sensation.

A stunning staircase is created using this wall of Muratto “Brick Natural” 3D wall panels. The high-value raw material and the handmade process creates a unique natural aesthetic, with distinguishing characteristics. The three different sizes and thicknesses create a 3D effect and depth that enhances any space.

To make the Muratto range of cork panels the bark of the cork tree is compressed through rollers to create a flat surface. This is then submerged in dye, air-dried, and precision cut into tiles. Time-honoured, European artisanship meets contemporary appeal.

The “Undertone” range (above) of cork panels has been specifically developed as an acoustic panel, with a high aesthetic impact. The design dissipates sound waves, through the rounded shapes and numerous holes. Clean and contemporary, it beautifully casts light and shadow effects. Customise a space by mixing or matching any of the 14 colours.

All pictures courtesy of The Wood Veneer Hub –

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