Northumbria University students create novel consumer concepts out of cork – part 2 of 4

by | Dec 19, 2023 | General

As part of their curriculum, students at the School of Design at Northumbria University were this year assigned to create unique consumer products using cork as the main material.

Led by Assistant Professor Rickard Whittingham, they took on this challenge with impressive outcomes.

In part 2 of this 4-part series of news articles, we explore a magnetic knife strip, designed by Fred Dunbar.

Beach Bros Ltd, a member of the Cork Industry Federation, provided the cork for this project.

You can explore more of the students’ work on the specific Instagram page for the project –

C_MKS magnetic knife strip

Fred Dunbar

The C_MKS magnetic knife strip represents an exquisite fusion of functionality and sophisticated design, utilising the exceptional properties of cork. This innovative strip stands out by incorporating internal metal components, such as magnets and aluminium sleeves, which are securely held in place through the natural compression and elasticity of the cork. This ingenious design eliminates the need for adhesives, ensuring a cleaner and more durable construction.

The aluminium sleeves serve a dual purpose in this design. Firstly, they provide reinforcement for screwing, enhancing the strip’s structural integrity. Secondly, they facilitate easier installation, minimizing the potential for human error and simplifying the setup process.

Beyond its practical attributes, the C_MKS strip is a celebration of culinary art. It serves as a sophisticated and protective storage solution for kitchen knives. The cork’s soft surface is key to its functionality, as it not only securely holds the knives but also aids in maintaining their sharpness. The strip elegantly displays knives, turning a functional item into a showcase piece that both protects and highlights these essential kitchen tools.

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